A Day in London

For our last day of the trip, we took a train from Edinburgh to London and explored this lively city as fast as we possibly could. As we only spent roughly twelve hours doing so, I really don't have many stories to share, but can say that it only made me more confident in the… Continue reading A Day in London


As we arrived in Edinburgh, I let out a sigh of gratitude and relief. After living in bustling cities for the past three weeks, the fact that restaurants closed at 9 PM seemed oddly welcoming. Right away, this was a place that felt like home. No matter how different the climate (it was an average… Continue reading Edinburgh

Dublin, Galway, & Beyond

Ireland is one of those places where, before I even left, I was already excited to go back. There are so many sides to this country, yet it is pretty compact and can easily be explored. The people were so welcoming and lively, and their pride for their country seemed infectious. We were lucky to… Continue reading Dublin, Galway, & Beyond


The European summer backpacking trip has officially commenced! Stop 1: Copenhagen, Denmark.   This city is truly one that I have dreamt about traveling to since I first started my studies in Urban Planning. It is known for being in the happiest country in the world, infamously beating out Amsterdam as the most bicycle-friendly city,… Continue reading Copenhagen