Living Car-Free in Jacksonville, FL

Dreams of dense, walkable cities with efficient public transportation filled my brain as I plotted my life after college. In addition to living in such a city—where I could hopefully commute without a car—my vision included securing a job that combined my love for technology and transportation. When I received the call for a position… Continue reading Living Car-Free in Jacksonville, FL

Washington, D.C.

This past Fall, my younger sister moved to DC for school, giving me the ultimate motivation to plan a trip to a city I had previously only seen glimpses of in the past. People rave about the city, but all I had seen thus far was the Washington Monument on a school field trip, and… Continue reading Washington, D.C.

Koh Tao, Thailand

Leaving the mountains was strange, exciting, and bittersweet. The lush, rolling hills and sunny streets of Chiang Mai took a while to sink in, but by the time they did I was captivated. Confidently navigating tuk-tuk filled streets, post-yoga (in a leafy open-air studio), we truly felt at home. Our last day was filled with… Continue reading Koh Tao, Thailand

Chiang Mai

Day 1 in Chiang Mai began as we departed an overnight train from Bangkok bright and early. Kowit, the owner of our homestay for the night, picked us up and whisked us from sight to sight. We ate at restaurants casually perched on a busy highway shoulder or nestled in the trees of jungles. We… Continue reading Chiang Mai


When your best friend snapchats you about wanting to go to Asia, you book a flight and make it happen. This is the backstory to how- on a steaming hot morning in late May- Morgan and I found ourselves arriving at the Bangkok International Airport at the ripe hour of 5 AM. Both working full-time… Continue reading Bangkok