Washington, D.C.

This past Fall, my younger sister moved to DC for school, giving me the ultimate motivation to plan a trip to a city I had previously only seen glimpses of in the past. People rave about the city, but all I had seen thus far was the Washington Monument on a school field trip, and the inside of a gymnasium during a volleyball camp back in 10th grade.  It was time to expand my limited knowledge of this vibrant city and get to know my sister’s new home.

Fast forward a few months (& three visits later) and we are nearing the end of Noelle’s freshman year. Knowing she has at least another three is comforting as I sit waiting to board my flight back to Florida; I still feel to have just scratched the surface of this wonderful place. Below are a few of my favorite memories, meals, and explorations in the District so far:

  • Going to a concert at Black Cat (Lucy Dacus ILY 4ever)
  • Bike-sharing to & around the National Mall 
  • US Botanic Gardens
  • National Portrait Gallery (s/o Barack & Michelle <3)
  • Doi Moi – incredible Thai and Vietnamese style food
  • Daikaya Ramen – SO GOOD **thx 4 the rec @BillWaxley**
  • Little Leaf (and Salt & Sundry) great lil’ local shops to peruse for plants, candles, home goods, and books
  • Mt Vernon Trail (biking, running, or walking all along the river complete with little peeks of the monuments here and there!)

DC is a multifaceted city filled with so much energy, passion, and history. In just one weekend you can visit countless museums, go to an indie rock show, ride bikes, spend time in nature, and visit places where much of our country’s history is shaped. I have struggled to come up with a word or phrase to sum up my experiences here, which might just be my favorite thing about it. DC can’t be pinned down or boxed in. The city is ever-changing and awe-inspiring, yet somehow feels so approachable; each time I visit feels a little more like coming home. I already can’t wait for the next time I gaze out the window of a plane to see the Potomac below me, knowing my sister, friends, and endless adventures await in our capital city.



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