A Day in London

For our last day of the trip, we took a train from Edinburgh to London and explored this lively city as fast as we possibly could. As we only spent roughly twelve hours doing so, I really don’t have many stories to share, but can say that it only made me more confident in the fact that I need to spend a good amount of time in London in the near future.

What We Did

  • Explored Shoreditch: This area is one we sought out immediately due to its presence of independent stores, street art (including some original Banksy’s), yummy and unique restaurants, and Brick Lane which houses some of the city’s best curry
  • Walked Through the Portobello Market: In Notting Hill, you’ll find this area with the cutest, most colorful rows of homes and a bustling market. I couldn’t stop snapping pictures of the bright, flower colored cobblestone streets!
  • Yorica: Yes, this ice cream store deserves its own bullet point. This store prides itself on being completely “allergen-free” and vegan and serves up treats such as matcha frozen yogurt. My lactose-intolerant stomach was jumping for joy!
  • Hyde Park: Even though it was pouring rain, we walked through here for at least an hour and the beauty was absolutely unbelievable!
  • King’s Cross: Probably wouldn’t have done this if we hadn’t taken our train into this station, but seeing “Platform 9 & 3/4” did make my Harry Potter-Loving heart soar.


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