How to begin?… This sweet town has given me so much- it is where I pursued my college education, first fell in love with urban planning and technology, and met many lifelong friends and mentors.

Being in the capital city of Florida, in addition to having three major universities nearby, means that there are constantly new ways to get involved in making the world a better place. Whether you want to advocate for the protection of refugees or women’s rights, march for science, or exercise your right to protest, the people of Tallahassee are always ready to step up and speak out.


We always joke on campus tours (I give tours of FSU), that being originally from South Florida, I had never seen a hill before in my life. While I have nothing but love for my hometown, the topography in Tallahassee is certainly a fun change of scenery. In addition to our lack of hills, South Florida is quite far from other states, making it almost impossible to road-trip out of Florida. What this meant for me when moving to this North Floridian city of Tallahassee, was that the outdoor activities and road trip possibilities would be mind blowing. Below I list some of my favorites below from over the years:




In addition to our outdoor adventures, Tallahassee also does not fall short in terms of culture or entertainment. Over the years, I have had the privilege of seeing many incredible concerts, speakers, and attending fun festivals in the area due to the passion and vigor of so many of our residents. Some Tallahassee staples include:

  • Seeing the FSU Spring Musical each year (this year was Beauty and the Beast)
  • Attending a performance put on by Opening Nights, whose mission is “to engage our university, local, and global communities in creative experiences.”
  • Railroad Square Art Park (on the first Friday of each month from 6-9 PM is when I highly suggest going here!!)
  • Climbing to the top of the Florida Capitol building and getting a 360-degree view of Tallahassee!
  • Food Truck Thursdays at Lake Ella (Pop on over for live music and incredible eats… My personal favorite is the Lucy and Leo’s cupcake truck!)
  • Touring and enjoying one of our many local breweries, such as Proof Brewing Co.  (sometimes if you’re lucky they’ll even host events like a chili cookoff, low country boil, or even yoga classes)
  • See a concert at The Moon or the Capital City Amphitheatre in Cascades Park (our recent artists have included The Avett Brothers, Alabama Shakes, City and Colour, and Dawes!!)

As you can most likely tell, this city truly has stolen a piece of my heart. From its Spanish moss covered trees that line the roadways, to the slow and easy pace of life, Tallahassee truly is a hidden gem. It didn’t always strike me though as it now does, and many people do not feel the same. My tips for those who have a hard time finding the good in their own city are: find a part of it where you can connect with nature, put yourself out there and attend an event that interests you (even if you have to do it alone), and practice gratitude as much as possible. Happy exploring!


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