What is an Urban Hack?

Hello, and welcome! I guess I’ll start off by telling you a little bit about myself. Chances are if you’ve found this blog, you probably know that I am a bike-loving, city-exploring, transportation obsessed gal- but I’m here to delve into why.

Growing up in Delray Beach, Florida has shaped who I am more than almost anything else in this world. A quaint, beachside town filled with local art, music, and culture, this town kick started my passion for places- whether big or small.

Kim and Pete, or my wonderful parents as most know them, are also a huge reason why I do what I do- which as of right now is work in software engineering at a large transportation company. My mom started her career as a computer science engineer, my dad in construction development. Throughout my life, they have invigorated our city through historic preservation, development, and actively building our community alongside other local residents.

What to Expect

As I mentioned above, exploring places is a passion of mine. With that said, I truly believe every place has something beautiful and unique to offer. The title of this blog, “Urbanist Hacks”, illustrates my wish to inspire you to make the most of wherever you may be (and is sort of a play on my two passions- technology and urbanism).


One of my absolute favorite pieces of public art found in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Like many dreamers, I have a mission to make a positive impact on our world in my limited time here. This blog will explore the ways I believe we can all make small changes for the greater good of our cities and world and simultaneously make the most of each and every day we have on this beautiful planet.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to sharing more travels, stories, knowledge, and nerdy rants with you all 🙂

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